feat3: Example 'QFeatures' object after processing

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Example QFeatures object after processing


feat3 is a small QFeatures object that contains 7 assays: psms1, psms2, psmsall, peptides, proteins, normpeptides, normproteins. The dataset contains example data that could be obtained after running a simple processing pipeline. You can use it to get your hands on manipulating AssayLinks since all 3 general cases are present:

  • One parent to one child AssayLink: the relationship can either be one row to one row (e.g. "peptides" to "normpeptides") or multiple rows to one row (e.g. "peptides" to "proteins").

  • One parent to multiple children AssayLink: for instance "peptides" to "normpeptides" and "proteins".

  • Multiple parents to one child AssayLink: links the rows between multiple assays to a single assays where some rows in different parent assays may point to the same row in the child assay. E.g. "psms1" and "psms2" to "psmsall"




An object of class QFeatures of length 7.


feat3 was built from feat1. The source code is available in inst/scripts/test_data.R

See Also

See ?feat1 for other example/test data sets.



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