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A set of tools to help with CALPUFF dispersion modelling.

calmet_01_temporal_paramsSet CALMET temporal and model run parameters
calmet_02_grid_levelsSet CALMET parameters for the map projection, datum, and grid...
calmet_03_output_optsSet CALMET parameters for the output options
calmet_04_met_data_optsSet CALMET parameters for the meteorological data options
calmet_05_wind_field_opts_paramsSet CALMET parameters for wind field options and other...
calmet_06_mixhgt_temp_precip_paramsSet CALMET parameters for mixing height, temperature, and...
calmet_07_station_paramsSet CALMET surface station, precipitation station, and upper...
calmet_define_geophysDefine the CALMET domain and generate a geophysical input...
calmet_execRun the CALMET model
calmet_get_ncdc_historyRetrieve the NCDC history data file
calmet_get_ncdc_station_dataObtain NCDC station data
calmet_inp_finalizeFinalize and generate CALMET input files
calmet_inp_generate_templateGenerate a template for a CALMET input file
calmet_landuse_BTM_BCGenerate a vector of CALMET landuse categories from BC...
calmet_plot_domainPlot met stations in the CALMET domain
calmet_seasonal_micrometeorologyReturn a data frame with seasonal micrometeorological...
calmet_surface_metObtain surface meteorology and generate input files
calmet_upper_airCreate an upper air data file for CALMET
calpost_get_concentrations_from_time_series_fileCreate a data frame of discrete receptor concentrations
calpost_inp_generate_templateGenerate a template for a CALPOST input file
calpuff_01_run_control_paramsSet CALPUFF run control parameters
calpuff_02_technical_optsSet CALPUFF technical options
calpuff_03_species_listSet the CALPUFF species list
calpuff_04_grid_levelsSet CALPUFF parameters for the map projection, datum, and...
calpuff_05_output_optsSet the CALPUFF output options
calpuff_06_complex_terrain_inputsSet the CALPUFF subgrid scale complex terrain inputs
calpuff_07_chem_ddep_gasesSet the CALPUFF chemical parameters for dry deposition of...
calpuff_08_size_ddep_particlesSet the CALPUFF size parameters for dry deposition of...
calpuff_09_misc_ddepSet miscellaneous CALPUFF parameters for dry deposition
calpuff_10_wdep_paramsSet the CALPUFF parameters for wet deposition
calpuff_11_chem_paramsSet the CALPUFF chemistry parameters
calpuff_12_misc_disp_comp_paramsSet miscellaneous CALPUFF dispersion and computational...
calpuff_13_pt_source_paramsSet one or more CALPUFF point source parameters
calpuff_14_area_source_paramsSet one or more CALPUFF area source parameters
calpuff_15_line_source_paramsSet one or more CALPUFF line source parameters
calpuff_16_volume_source_paramsSet one or more CALPUFF volume source parameters
calpuff_add_area_sourcesAdd area sources to a list for later use in CALPUFF
calpuff_add_line_sourcesAdd line sources to a list for later use in CALPUFF
calpuff_add_point_sourcesAdd point sources to a list for later use in CALPUFF
calpuff_add_volume_sourcesAdd volume sources to a list for later use in CALPUFF
calpuff_create_varying_area_sourcesCreate CALPUFF input file with area sources that vary in...
calpuff_create_varying_line_sourcesCreate CALPUFF input file with line sources that vary in...
calpuff_create_varying_point_sourcesCreate CALPUFF input file with point sources that vary in...
calpuff_create_varying_volume_sourcesCreate CALPUFF input file with volume sources that vary in...
calpuff_def_recep_from_geophysGenerate a grid of receptors from a CALMET geophysical input...
calpuff_execRun the CALPUFF model
calpuff_inp_finalizeFinalize and generate CALPUFF input files
calpuff_inp_generate_templateGenerate a template for a CALPUFF input file
download_FSL_sounding_dataDownload an upper air data file in the FSL format
download_SRTMV4_GeoTIFFDownload and rasterize SRTM V4 GeoTIFF files
get_grid_extents_UTMGet either of the four grid extents in UTM values
plot_concentration_data_from_CSVPlot concentration data from one or more CSV files
PuffR-packageA collection of tools to help with dispersion modelling using...
read62_01_run_control_paramsSet the READ62 run control parameters
READ62_execRun the READ62 executable
read62_inp_generate_templateGenerate a template for a READ62 input file
replace_in_inpReplace keyword values in CALPUFF system input files
vector_values_to_row_major_stringsTransform vector values into strings formatted for GEO.DAT...
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