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Show How To Use Beautier

default_params_docThis function does nothing. It is intended to inherit is...
lum_create_beautier_cmdCreate the 'beautier' command from the user interface
lum_create_clock_model_argCreate the 'clock_model' argument
lum_create_cmdCreate the 'beautier' command from the user interface
lum_create_cmd_from_uiCreate the 'beautier' command from the user interface
lum_create_full_cmd_from_uiCreate the 'beautier' command from the user interface
lum_create_gamma_site_model_argCreate the 'gamma_site_model' argument
lum_create_input_filename_argCreate the 'input_filename' argument
lum_create_mcmc_argCreate the 'mcmc' argument
lum_create_output_filename_argCreate the 'output_filename' argument
lum_create_serverDefine server logic
lum_create_site_model_argCreate the 'site_model' argument
lum_create_tree_prior_argCreate the 'tree_prior' argument
lum_create_uiDefine user interface
lum_create_xmlShow the XML file created by the displayed beautier command
lum_runRun 'lumier' Shiny application.
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