Man pages for richelbilderbeek/mcbette
Model Comparison Using 'babette'

calc_weightsCalculate the weights for each marginal likelihood
can_run_mcbetteCan 'mcbette' run?
check_beast2_ns_pkgChecks if the BEAST2 'NS' package is installed.
check_mcbette_stateCheck if the 'mcbette_state' is valid.
create_mcbette_beast2_optionsCreate a 'beast2_options' structure, with the filenames...
create_ns_inference_modelCreate an inference model to measure the evidence of.
default_params_docDocumentation of general function arguments. This function...
est_marg_likEstimate the marginal likelihood for an inference model.
est_marg_liksEstimate the marginal likelihoods for all combinations of...
get_mcbette_stateGet the current state of mcbette
interpret_bayes_factorInterpret a Bayes factor
mcbettemcbette: Model Comparison Using Babette
mcbette_reportCreate a mcbette report, to be used when reporting bugs
mcbette_self_testPerforms a minimal mcbette run
set_mcbette_stateSet the mcbette state.
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