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For lower-level odin functions odin_parse, odin_validate we accept a list of options rather than individually named options.


odin_options(verbose = NULL, target = NULL, workdir = NULL,
  validate = NULL, pretty = NULL, skip_cache = NULL,
  compiler_warnings = NULL, no_check_unused_equations = NULL,
  no_check_naked_index = NULL, options = NULL)



Logical scalar indicating if the compilation should be verbose. Defaults to the value of the option odin.verbose or FALSE otherwise.


Compilation target. Options are "c" and "r", defaulting to the option odin.target or "c" otherwise.


Directory to use for any generated files. This is only relevant for the "c" target. Defaults to the value of the option odin.workdir or tempdir() otherwise.


Validate the model's intermediate representation against the included schema. Normally this is not needed and is intended primarily for development use. Defaults to the value of the option odin.validate or FALSE otherwise.


Pretty-print the model's intermediate representation. Normally this is not needed and is intended primarily for development use. Defaults to the value of the option odin.pretty or FALSE otherwise.


Skip odin's cache. This might be useful if the model appears not to compile when you would expect it to. Hopefully this will not be needed often. Defaults to the option odin.skip_cache or FALSE otherwise.


Logical scalar indicating if compiler warnings should be converted to R warnings. If this is TRUE, then if any compiler warnings are generated, the compiler output will be displayed (regardless of the value of verbose) within an R warning (suppressible via suppressWarnings and catchable via tryCatch). The default is to default to FALSE unless the global option odin.compiler_warnings is set to TRUE (set with options(odin.compiler_warnings = TRUE)). The default may change to TRUE in future. Warnings are currently a mix of ambiguous syntax in your model (worth fixing) and limitations in the code that odin generates (which you can't fix but I will get on to over time). What is flagged will depend strongly on your platform and what is in your Makevars. I develop odin with -Wall -Wextra -pedantic and still see warnings with both gcc and clang. The compiler output is very simple and may not work on all platforms. Defaults to the option odin.compiler_warnings or FALSE otherwise.


If TRUE, then don't print messages about unused variables. Defaults to the option odin.no_check_unused_equations or FALSE otherwise.


If TRUE, then if an index variable (i, j, ...) is used outside of an array subset (e.g., x[] <- i) then a notice is printed. The behaviour of this functionality changed in odin version 0.2.0 and this flag is intended to notify users about the change. See https://github.com/mrc-ide/odin/issues/136 for more information. Defaults to the option odin.no_check_naked_index or FALSE otherwise.


Named list of options. If provided, then all other options are ignored.



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