Man pages for rivasiker/phasty
General-purpose phase-type functions

ApproxCDFNumerical Approximation of charaterstic function
block_counting_process'block_counting_process' return a the block counting process...
convphConvolution of Continuous Phase-Type Distributions
meanmean method for 'cont_phase_type'
moment_mphMoments of the multivariate phase-type distribution
phase_typeGenerator Function for Phase-Type Distributions
Phase-typeThe Phase-Type Distribution
RateMAndStateSpaceRate matrix and state space of the block counting process
reward_phase_typeTransformation of Phase-Type Distributions via Rewards
sim_phase_typePhase-type simulations
sim_rew_phase_typesim_rew_phase_type implements a naive simulation scheme for...
varVariance and Covariance of Phase-Type Distributions
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