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Light-weight graph package

add.undirected.backend(Internal) Add undirected edge to a 'bnlearn' object.
add.undirected.edgeAdd undirected edge to a 'bnlearn' object.
as.adjacencyConvert an object to an adjacency matrix.
as.adjacency.parentalConvert a object of class 'parental' to an adjacency matrix.
as.bnConvert an object to a bn. a character vector to a 'bn'. a graphNEL object to a 'bn' object. a matrix to a 'bn'. pcAlgo object to a bn.
as.bvsConvert objects to a bvs.
as.bvs.bvsresponseConvert 'bvsresponse' to 'bvs'.
as.bvsresponseConvert an object a 'bvsresponse' object.
as.bvsresponse.bvsConvert a 'bvs' object to a 'bvsresponse' object.
as.bvsresponse.characterConvert character vector to 'bvsresponse'.
as.character.bvsresponseConvert 'bvsresponse' to character vector.
as.character.bvsresponse.listConvert 'bvsresponse list' to character vector.
as.character.parentalConvert a parental object to a character vector.
as.character.parental.listConvert a 'parental list' to a character vector.
as.cpdagConvert an object to a CPDAG.
as.cpdag0Convert an object to a CPDAG.
as.cpdag0.bnConvert 'bn' to CPDAG. 'bn list' to CPDAG (old version).
as.cpdag0.bnpostmcmc.listConvert 'bnpostmcmc list' to CPDAG (old version).
as.cpdag.bnConvert a bn to a CPDAG2 (?). 'bn list' to CPDAGs.
as.cpdag.bnpostmcmc.listConvert 'bnpostmcmc list' to CPDAGs.
as.graphConvert an object to a graph.
as.graph.parentalConvert a 'parental' object to a 'graphNEL' object.
as.parentalConvert an object to a parental object.
as.parental.bnConvert a 'bn' to a 'parental'.
as.parental.characterConvert a character string to a parental.
as.parental.graphNELConvert a graphNEL object to a 'parental' object.
as.parental.matrixConvert a variety of matrix objects to 'parental' objects.
as.parental.pcAlgoCoerce pcAlgo object to a bn.
barchart.parentalBarchart of a graph.
bnConstructor function for a 'bn' object.
bnlearn2parentalConversion from 'bnlearn' object.
bn.listConstructor function for a 'bn list'.
bvsConstructor function for a 'bvs' object.
bvsresponseConstruct 'bvsreponse'.
bvsresponse.listConstructor function for a 'bvsresponse list' object. 'bn list'.
checkAcyclicAcyclicity testing.
combn2(Fast, simple) Generate All Combinations of n Elements, Taken...
combn3(C version) Generate All Combinations of n Elements, Taken m...
completeReturn a complete graph.
convertToEnlargedCoordinatesExpand coordinates.
coordinatesBetweenRectanglesCalculate coordinates of line between bounding boxes.
c.parental.listConcatenates 'parental list'.
cptBinaryCreate a binary Conditional Probability Table.
distanceCalculate distance between two points.
drawDetails.latticedrawDetails for lattice plots.
emptyReturn empty graph.
enumerateBNSpaceEnumerate the space of BNs.
enumerateBVSSpaceEnumerate the space of BVSs.
enumerateConfSpaceEnumerate the space of Confounder Graphs.
enumerateParentsEnumerate all possible parents.
filterCyclicFilter cyclic graphs.
getbnlExtract parts of a 'bn list'.
getbvsrlExtract parts of a 'bvsresponse list'.
getChildrenChildren lists.
getplExtract parts of a 'parental list'.
grobNodeLevelPlotLevelplot node grob.
grobNodeLevelPlotDefaultThemeReturn the default theme.
grobNodeLevelPlotSizeLevelplot size for a node.
grobNodeNameReturn a grob for node "node" when the name of the node is...
grobNodeNameSizeReturn the size of node when the name of the node is plotted.
grplotPlot a graph.
grplot.bvsresponsePlot a 'bvsresponse' graph.
grplot.parentalPlot a graph.
grplot.parental.listPlot a 'parental list'.
is.validCheck validity.
is.valid.bnCheck validity.
is.valid.bvsCheck validity.
is.valid.bvsresponseChecks validity.
is.valid.parentalCheck validity.
is.wholenumberTests for whole numbers.
latticeGrobConvert a lattice object to a grob.
maximallyOrientEdgesSlow.matrixMaximally orient edges.
nEdgesNumber of edges.
neighbourhoodSizeNeighbourhood size.
nNodesNumber of nodes.
nNodes.parentalNumber of nodes/vertices.
nodeLevelplotMulti-page plot of nodeLevelPlots.
notdiagRetrieve off-diagonal elements.
numberOfMovesBetweenIgnoringCyclesNumber of moves between graphs.
package-parentalThe parental package.
panel.parentalPanel function for ploting a parental graph.
parentalConstructor function for a 'parental' object.
parental2bnlearnConversion to 'bnlearn'.
parental.listConstructor function for a 'parental list' object.
pltabulateTabulate a parental list.
prepanel.parentalPre-panel function for plotting parental objects.
print.bnPrints 'bn'.
print.bvsresponsePrints 'bvsresponse'.
print.parentalPrints 'parental'.
print.parental.listPrints 'parental list'.
ptablesDirichletDraw ptables from product Dirichlet distribution.
rdirichletSampling from Dirichlet distribution.
recurse_unoriented_edgeRecurse unoriented edge.
recurse_unoriented_edgeSlowRecurse unoriented edge (slow).
renameNodesRename nodes.
renameNodes.parental.listRename nodes.
routesGet routes matrix for a 'bn'.
routesAddEdgeUpdate a routes matrix (edge addition).
routesRemoveEdgeUpdate a routes matrix (edge removal).
sampleBNDraw a 'random' BN.
sampleBN2Draw a 'random' BN.
seemsPrettyHeuristic test for pretty-printing.
setdiff2A dual-direction, fast (and dangerous!) version of setdiff.
simulate.bnDraw data according to a Bayesian Network.
toCartesianConvert polar coordinates to Cartesian.
toPolarConvert cartesian coordinates to polars.
topologicallyOrderTopological ordering.
useOuterStrips2Put Strips on the Boundary of a Lattice Display.
whichVStructureFind V Structure.
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