Man pages for robertladwig/thermod
Simplified lake model in R

add_noiseAdd noise to boundary conditions
calc_densCalculate water density from temperature
configure_from_lerConfigure model with LakeEnsemblR data
EnKFwrapper for running EnKF
get_driversmatrix for holding driver data
get_model_datesretreive the model time steps based on start and stop dates...
get_obs_error_matrixobservation error matrix, should be a square matrix where col...
get_obs_id_matrixMeasurement operator matrix saying 1 if there is observation...
get_obs_matrixturn observation dataframe into matrix
get_Y_vectorvector for holding states and parameters for updating
initialize_Yinitialize Y vector with draws from distribution of obs
kalman_filteringSmoothing of time series
run_modelSimple two-layer water temperature model
run_npz_modelSimple two-layer water temperature, oxygen, phytoplankton,...
run_oxygen_modelSimple two-layer water temperature and oxygen model
run_temp_oxygen_forecastSimple one-layer water temperature and oxygen model in...
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