Man pages for robertness/signalgraph
Signal Processing with Graphs

addBiasesAdd Nodes Corresponding to Biases
addDataToVerticesAdd data to vertices
add_errorAdd error to a specific columns in a table
add_gauss_errorAdd Gaussian error
causal_prioritizationK order node selection
checkArgsCheck validity of arguments
checkVectorChecks the validity of a vertex vector attribute
doChainRuleBack-propagation of derivative calculation
examine_signal_graphSummarize the values of an signal graph model
fitNetworkFit a Signalgraph model
fit_weights_for_nodeFit incoming edge weights for intervention vertex
format_vertex_listA helper function used in summarizing signal graph structures
get_fittedGet a data frame of output signals
get_gateCreate an signal graph model of a multi-layer perceptron...
getGradientFunctionGradient generating closure
getMSEMSE calculation
getObjectiveClosure for generating a penalized least squares loss...
getOptimizationFunctionClosure for optimization with BFGS and specified gradient...
getOptimizationFunctionNGClosure for optimization with BFGS, no gradient function...
getPredictionGet a new graph used for prediction
get_structurePull igraph structure from a signal graph
gradientDescentGradient descent on weights
historic_fitsFits of signal graph model to KEGG data
initializeEdgesInitalize edge attributes
initializeGraphCreate an signal graph object that is unfitted
initializeGraphAttributesInitialize graph attributes of a graph object
initializeVectorAttributesForVertexInitialize numerically-valued vertex attributes
initializeVertexBooleansInitialize boolean vertex attibutes
initializeVertexVectorsAdd vector attributes to graph vertices
initializeVerticesInitialize the vertex attributes and values
initializeWeightsSimulating starting weights
k_order_unionIntersection of top k sets
loadCNLoad Markov Blankets
logisticThe logistic function The logistic function and its...
logistic_to_positiveConvert logistic activation parameters to parameters in u /...
long_testPerform long tests Select whether or not to perform more time...
mapk_gKEGG MAPK Signaling Pathway Phosphorylation Network
power_signal_graphSimulate a scale-free signal graph structure from an input...
power_sim_no_singletonSingleton-free power law sim The objective is to simulate...
rand_caseTest Case: Random graph and matching data
random_sgGenerate a random fitted signalgraph object
random_unfit_sgGenerate a random unfit signalgraph object Since the vertices...
recover_designPull observed data from a signalgraph object
regenerate_graph_dataRegenerate the data values in a signal graph
rescale_dfRescale the column of a data frame to between 0 and 1
resetUpdateAttributesReset Model Attributes
sg_vizVisualize a signal graph object
signalgraph-packageSignal Processing with Graphs
sim_data_from_systemGenerate data from a simulated signal graph Pull data frame...
sim_systemGenerate a random signalgraph object for data simulation
titanic3Titanic Data
update_signalsPropagation of fitted values through the graph.
update_weightsTraversing the network for fit weight sets.
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