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Local Ensemble Kalman Particle Filters

adaptive_gammaSelect gamma adaptively
additive_errorAdditive model error
bal.sampleBalanced sampling
bal_sample_orderedBalanced sampling with reordering
block_LEnKPFblock-LEnKPF analysis
da_cycleFunction for cycled data assimilation
da_updateWrapper function for assimilation algorithms
enkf_stepEnKF part of EnKPF
ensure_PDTo ensure positive definiteness
f_crpsCompute CRPS score
f_crps_wgmCompute CRPS score for a Gaussian mixture
GC_functionGC covariance function
gp_as_dfTransform the state matrix into a data frame
gp_ens0Generate initial ensemble
gp_plotPlot the true field, the observations and an ensemble
gp_simulateSimulate a correlated Gaussian random field
image_matPlot covariance
kalman.gainCompute the Kalman Gain
kloc_gainEquivalent local Kalman gain
leftmatchPerumute indices
msqrtSymmetric matrix square root of a positive definite matrix
multiplotCombine multiple ggplots
naive_LEnKPFnaive LEnKPF analysis
one_block_updateassimilation of one block with block-LEnKPF
pit_histCompute PIT Histogram
pit_sweqCompute PIT (probability integral transform) for sweq
pit_sweq_plotPlot PIT histogram
plot_crpsPlot time evolution of CRPS for all fields
plot_evalPlot time evolution of errors
ring_alldistPairwise distances on a rings
ring_distDistance on ring
ring_GCGC taper on ring
ring_modRing modulo
ring_neighboursNeighborhood on a ring
ring_partitionRing partition for the block-LEnKPF
sweq_as_dffrom sweq_simulate to data_frame
sweq_change_RChange R matrix
sweq_ens0Generate an initial ensemble for assimilation:
sweq_evalCompute diagnostics of SWEQ cycling experiment
sweq_GCGC taper on SWEQ
sweq_ggplotPlot SWEQ
sweq_neighboursSWEQ neighbours
sweq_partitionSWEQ partition for the block-LEnKPF
sweq_projProject back onto the manifold where rain>0:
sweq_run_as_dfFrom sweq_run to data_frame
sweq_simulateSimulate from the modified SWEQ model
sweq_splitSWEQ split state
sweq_stackSWEQ stack state
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