Man pages for robertzk/hipchat
An R package for communicating with the hipchat API

abridgedConvert a full history list from Hipchat to an abridged...
determine_methodDetermine the correct HTTP method to use for a given API...
determine_targetDetermine whether we are sending to a room or user.
hipchatDescription: Communication with the hipchat API, including...
hipchat_api_tokenHipchat API token.
hipchat_create_roomCreate a new Hipchat room. (Must have privileges)
hipchat_create_userCreate a new Hipchat user.
hipchat_delete_roomDelete a Hipchat room.
hipchat_historyShow the history for a given Hipchat room.
hipchat_room_idConvert a Hipchat room name to an ID.
hipchat_roomsGet the list of all hipchat rooms.
hipchat_sendSend a message to the hipchat API v2.
hipchat_topicChange the topic of a room.
hipchat_urlHipchat API url.
hipchat_use_send_error_suppressionOption to handle hipchat_send errors as warnings or errors
is.successDetermine if a status code is a successful status code.
match_methodFind appropriate HTTP method for a given Hipchat URL.
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