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Syberia Stages

build_export_stagerunnerBuild a stagerunner for exporting data with backup sources.
build_import_stagerunnerBuild a stagerunner for importing data with backup sources.
common_file_formatterA helper function for formatting parameters for adapters to...
common_s3_formatterCommon s3 formatter.
common_s3mpi_package_loaderCheck if s3mpi package is installed and loaded.
common_s3_readerCommon s3 reader.
confusion_matrixPlot a confusion matrix for a given prediction set, and...
construct_file_adapterConstruct a file adapter.
construct_R_adapterConstruct an adapter for reading to and from an R...
construct_s3_adapterConstruct an Amazon Web Services S3 adapter.
construct_s3data_adapterConstruct an Amazon Web Services S3 data adapter.
data_stageData stage for syberia models
default_adapterFetch the default adapter keyword from the active syberia...
evaluation_stageEvaluation stage for binary classification syberia models.
evaluation_stage_aucCompute the AUC in conjunction with 'evaluation_stage'.
evaluation_stage_confusion_matrixCompute a confusion matrix and plot it.
evaluation_stage_generate_optionsStore necessary information for evaluation stage.
evaluation_stage_validation_plotDraw a decile validation plot for a classification problem.
export_stageExport data stage for Syberia model process.
fetch_adapterFetch a syberia IO adapter.
fetch_custom_adapterFetch a custom syberia IO adapter.
fetch_model_containerFetch a tundra model container.
fetch_syberia_adapterPublically exported version of 'fetch_adapter'.
import_stageImport data stage for Syberia model process.
list_mergeMerge two lists and overwrite latter entries with former...
model_stageModel stage for syberia models
parse_custom_adapterEnsures a custom adapter resource is valid and returns the...
parse_custom_classifierEnsures a custom classifier is valid and returns its train...
parse_custom_functionsParse functions out of a custom resource.
syberiaStagesSyberia provides an opinionated unified framework for fast...
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