Perform computation on a worldwide distributed cluster


This package allows you to easily create computational workloads in R to send to the rocto distributed computing cluster, a free and easy-to-use alternative to expensive and complex high-performance cluster computers.


Not yet, but soon.


More extensive documentation is on its way. For now, you can play with these steps:

  1. Install the rocto desktop client.

  2. Install the package devtools::install_github("roctoproject/rocto-rpackage")

  3. Load the package library(rocto)

  4. Create a new rocto job by using roctoNew("myJobName").

  5. Create your job using the main.R and params.R files.

  6. Check and pack your job using roctoPack("path/to/myJobName").

  7. Open the .rocto file in the desktop client and send it away!

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