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Scale Space Multiresolution Analysis of Random Signals

CImapComputation of simultaneous credible intervals.
dctMatrixCreate a n-by-n discrete cosine transform matrix.
dftMatrixCreate a n-by-n discrete Fourier transform matrix.
eigenLaplaceGenerate eigenvalues of discrete Laplace matrix.
eigenQsphereGenerate eigenvalues of precision matrix Q on the surface of...
fftshiftSwap the quadrants or halves of a 2d matrix.
HPWmapComputation of pointwise and highest pointwise probabilities.
ifftshiftInverse FFT shift of a 2d matrix.
MinLambdaNumerical optimization for finding appropriate smoothing...
mrbsizeRmrbsizeR: Scale space multiresolution analysis in R.
mrbsizeRgridMultiresolution analysis of random signals.
mrbsizer-packageA short title line describing what the package does
mrbsizeRsphereMultiresolution analysis of random signals for spherical...
plot.CImapGridPlot of simultaneous credible intervals.
plot.CImapSpherePlotting of simultaneous credible intervals on a sphere.
plot.HPWmapGridPlotting of pointwise and highest pointwise probabilities.
plot.HPWmapSpherePlotting of pointwise and highest pointwise probabilities on...
plot.minLambdaPlot of objective function for finding appropriate smoothing...
plot.smMeanGridPlotting of scale-dependent features.
plot.smMeanSpherePlotting of scale-dependent features on a sphere.
rmvtDCTSampling from marginal posterior multivariate t-distribution.
TaperingPlotPlot of tapering functions.
tridiagGenerate a tridiagonal matrix.
turnmatTurn matrix 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
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