Man pages for ropensci/UCSCXenaTools
Download and Explore Datasets from UCSC Xena Data Hubs

availTCGAGet or Check TCGA Available ProjectID, DataType and FileType
cohortsGet cohorts of XenaHub object
datasetsGet datasets of XenaHub object
downloadTCGAEasily Download TCGA Data by Several Options
fetchFetch Data from UCSC Xena Hosts
getTCGAdataGet TCGA Common Data Sets by Project ID and Property
hostsGet hosts of XenaHub object
pipePipe operator
samplesGet Samples of a XenaHub object according to 'by' and 'how'...
showTCGAShow TCGA data structure by Project ID or ALL
to_snakeConvert camel case to snake case
XenaBrowseView Info of Dataset or Cohort at UCSC Xena Website Using Web...
XenaDataXena Hub Information
XenaDataUpdateGet or Update Newest Data Information of UCSC Xena Data Hubs
xena_default_hostsUCSC Xena Default Hosts
XenaDownloadDownload Datasets from UCSC Xena Hubs
XenaFilterFilter a XenaHub Object
XenaGenerateGenerate and Subset a XenaHub Object from 'XenaData'
XenaHubGenerate a XenaHub Object
XenaHub-classClass XenaHub
XenaPreparePrepare (Load) Downloaded Datasets to R
XenaQueryQuery URL of Datasets before Downloading
XenaQueryProbeMapQuery ProbeMap URL of Datasets
XenaScanScan all rows according to user input by a regular expression
XenaShinyXena Shiny App
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