Man pages for ropensci/rplos
Interface to the Search API for 'PLoS' Journals

addmissingAdds elements in a list that are missing because they were...
citations-defunctThis function is defunct.
concat_todfConcatenate author names, if present, used in other...
crossref-defunctLookup article info via CrossRef with DOI.
facetplosDo faceted searches on PLOS Journals full-text content
formatarticleurlFormat a URL for a specific article in a specific PLoS...
full_text_urlsCreate urls for full text articles in PLOS journals.
highbrowBrowse highlighted fragments in your default browser.
highplosDo highlighted searches on PLOS Journals full-text content
insertnonesFunction to insert "none" character strings where NULL values...
isocodesCountry names and FIPS codes
journalnamekeyGet short keys for journals to use in searching specific...
plosabstractSearch PLoS Journals abstracts.
plosauthorSearch PLoS Journals authors.
plosfieldsPLoS API fields to use for searching/retreiving data.
plosfigtabcapsSearch PLoS Journals figure and table captions.
plos_fulltextGet full text xml of PLOS papers given a DOI
plossubjectSearch PLoS Journals subjects.
plostitleSearch PLoS Journals titles.
plosviewsSearch PLoS Journals by article views.
ploswordSearch results on a keyword over all fields in PLoS Journals.
plot_throughtimePlot results through time for serach results from PLoS...
rplosConnect with PLoS API data
rplos-defunctDefunct functions in rplos
searchplosBase function to search PLoS Journals
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