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Load Application Default Credentials


Loads credentials from a file identified via a search strategy known as Application Default Credentials (ADC). The hope is to make auth "just work" for someone working on Google-provided infrastructure or who has used Google tooling to get started, such as the gcloud command line tool.

A sequence of paths is consulted, which we describe here, with some abuse of notation. ALL_CAPS represents the value of an environment variable and ⁠%||%⁠ is used in the spirit of a null coalescing operator.

# on Windows:
(APPDATA %||% SystemDrive %||% C:)\gcloud\application_default_credentials.json
# on not-Windows:

If the above search successfully identifies a JSON file, it is parsed and ingested as a service account, an external account ("workload identity federation"), or a user account. Literally, if the JSON describes a service account, we call credentials_service_account() and if it describes an external account, we call credentials_external_account().


credentials_app_default(scopes = NULL, ..., subject = NULL)



A character vector of scopes to request. Pick from those listed at

For certain token flows, the "" scope is unconditionally included. This grants permission to retrieve the email address associated with a token; gargle uses this to index cached OAuth tokens. This grants no permission to view or send email and is generally considered a low-value scope.


Additional arguments passed to all credential functions.


An optional subject claim. Specify this if you wish to use the service account represented by path to impersonate the subject, who is a normal user. Before this can work, an administrator must grant the service account domain-wide authority. Identify the user to impersonate via their email, e.g. subject = "". Note that gargle automatically adds the non-sensitive "" scope, so this scope must be enabled for the service account, along with any other scopes being requested.


An httr::TokenServiceAccount, a WifToken, an httr::Token2.0 or NULL.

See Also

Other credential functions: credentials_byo_oauth2(), credentials_external_account(), credentials_gce(), credentials_service_account(), credentials_user_oauth2(), token_fetch()


## Not run: 

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