oauth_app_from_json: Create an OAuth app from JSON

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oauth_app_from_jsonR Documentation

Create an OAuth app from JSON



oauth_app_from_json() is being replaced with gargle_oauth_client_from_json(), in light of the new gargle_oauth_client class. Now oauth_app_from_json() potentially warns about this deprecation and immediately passes its inputs through to gargle_oauth_client_from_json().

gargle_app() is being replaced with gargle_client().


oauth_app_from_json(path, appname = NULL)




JSON downloaded from Google Cloud Console, containing a client id and secret, in one of the forms supported for the txt argument of jsonlite::fromJSON() (typically, a file path or JSON string).


name of the application. This is not used for OAuth, but is used to make it easier to identify different applications.

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