Man pages for ropenscilabs/miner.extra
Extra Functions to Control Minecraft with RaspberryJuice API

cubeMake a cube
de_elsafyGive a player reverse Elsa powers
elsafyGive a player Elsa powers
font_setsFont set data
getHeadingGet player heading
getPlayerCompassGet player's rotation as compass bearing
initHeadingSet player heading to match the direction the player is...
lookForwardCheck the block type (if any) ahead of the player
mc_clearplotClear scatterplot
mc_mazeGenerates a maze in front of a player
mc_mazerPoll the chat window for maze generator commands and spawn...
mc_plotScatterplot within Minecraft
mc_RevalEvaluate R within Minecraft
mc_whoamiListen for "Who am I"
moveForwardMove the player in the direction of the player heading
setHeadingSet player heading
sphereMake a sphere
turnLeftRotate the player heading to the left
write_textWrite text in minecraft
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