Man pages for roslen/mxr
A Package of GWAS Pipeline Building Blocks

helloHello, World!
mxr_annotateAnnotate the significant SNPs.
mxr_associateAssociate the genotype with the phenotype.
mxr_clumpPost-GWAS Processing of Significant Association Peaks.
mxr_create_annovar_inputsCreate Input File for Annovar.
mxr_create_haploview_inputsCreate the Haploview Input Files.
mxr_create_haploview_plotGenerate the Haploview Plot.
mxr_create_region_fileCreate the Region File from the Clumps.
mxr_extract_clumped_genesExtract Genes from the Clumps.
mxr_extract_clumped_snpsExtract SNPs from the Clumps.
mxr_manhattanGenerate the manhattan plot.
mxr_summariseSummarize the GWAS results into an Excel file.
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