Man pages for royfrancis/drtracker
Track zebrafish larvae in assay plates

assignWellsTakes xy data and assigns to wells for 24 or 48 well plate.
gridWellsInternal: Computes plate layout and wells from marked data.
linkFramesTakes xy data with wells and links spots frame to frame.
ltrackTrack larval movement in 24 or 48 well assay plates.
spotAlphahullComputes alphahull (concave hull) of xy spot data.
spotCoverageComputes coverage (convex hull) of xy spot data.
spotDensityComputes 2D kernal density of xy spot data.
spotMsdComputes minimum spanning distance of xy spot data.
spotRatioComputes larval presence in center vs edges of the wells.
trackFeaturesComputes features for tracks such as distance, speed etc.
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