Man pages for rsachse/limnotools
Help Tools of TU Dresden's Limnology Workgroup

addSpecialAdd or remove a "Special" menue to the RGui
laggedMatrixCreate a matrix with lagged columns
limnotoolsUseful functions from Workgroup Limnology in Dresden, Germany
limnotools-internalInternal functions of the limnotools package
loadcalcLoad calculation methods for dissolved and suspended matter...
O2satSaturation concentration of oxygen in water
rhoH2ODensity of water
sEditSimple editing
sethelpSet the style of the help system on Windows
slContourLevel (Contour) Plots (modified version)
ssd2iglConvert sunshine duration to global radiation
stackedpolyStacked polygon plot
tProfileTemperature Profile Data of Bautzen Reservoir
tsbshoreShore Line of Bautzen Reservoir
unitsCommon limnological measurement units for axis labels
vertmeanVertical Means of Water Bodies (Lakes and Reservoirs)
vol.depthDummy hypsographic curve for depth averaging
vollenweiderOrthophosphate version of the Vollenweider model
vol.tsbHypsographic volume curve of Bautzen Reservoir
xybarplotPlot bars on irregular x locations
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