Man pages for rspatial/dismo
Species Distribution Modeling

acauleSolanum acaule data
biovarsbioclimatic variables
boxplotBox plot of model evaluation data
calc.devianceCalculate deviance
circleHullCircle hull model
circlesCircles range
convHullConvex hull model
dcEvaluateEvaluate by distance class
dismo-packageSpecies distribution modeling
DistModelClass "DistModel"
ecocropEcocrop model
ecolimEcolim model
evaluateModel evaluation
evaluateROCRModel testing with the ROCR package
gbifData from GBIF
gbm.dataAnguilla australis distribution data
gbm.fixedgbm fixed
gbm.holdoutgbm holdout
gbm.interactionsgbm interactions
gbm.perspgbm perspective plot
gbm.plotgbm plot
gbm.plot.fitsgbm plot fitted values
gbm.simplifygbm simplify
gbm.stepgbm step
geocodeGeoreferencing with Google
geoDistGeographic distance model
geoIDWInverse-distance weighted model
gmapGet a Google map
gridSampleStratified regular sample on a grid
kfoldk-fold partitioning
mahalMahalanobis model
messMultivariate environmental similarity surfaces (MESS)
ModelEvaluationClass "ModelEvaluation"
nicheEquivalencyNiche equivalency
nicheOverlapNiche overlap
nullRandomRandom null model
pairsPair plots
plotPlot predictor values
plotEvalPlot model evaluation data
pointValuespoint values
predictDistribution model predictions
prepareDataPrepare data for model fitting
pwdSamplePair-wise distance sampling
randomPointsRandom points
rectHullRectangular hull model
responseresponse plots
ssbSpatial sorting bias
thresholdFind a threshold
voronoiVoronoi polygons
voronoiHulllVoronoi hull model
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