Man pages for rstudio/sortable
Drag-and-Drop in 'shiny' Apps with 'SortableJS'

add_rank_listAdd a rank list inside bucket list.
bucket_listCreate a bucket list.
chain_js_eventsChain multiple JavaScript events
is_sortable_optionsCheck if object is sortable options.
question_rankRanking question for learnr tutorials.
rank_listCreate a ranking item list.
render_sortableWidget render function for use in Shiny.
sortablesortable: Drag-and-Drop in 'shiny' Apps with 'SortableJS'
sortable_jsCreates an htmlwidget with embedded 'SortableJS' library.
sortable_js_capture_inputConstruct JavaScript method to capture Shiny inputs on...
sortable_optionsDefine options to pass to a sortable object.
sortable_outputWidget output function for use in Shiny.
update_bucket_listChange the value of a bucket list.
update_rank_listChange the value of a rank list.
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