sortable: sortable: Drag-and-Drop in 'shiny' Apps with 'SortableJS'

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sortable: Drag-and-Drop in 'shiny' Apps with 'SortableJS'



Enables drag-and-drop behaviour in Shiny apps, by exposing the functionality of the 'SortableJS' JavaScript library as an 'htmlwidget'. You can use this in Shiny apps and widgets, 'learnr' tutorials as well as R Markdown. In addition, provides a custom 'learnr' question type - 'question_rank()' - that allows ranking questions with drag-and-drop.

A new html widget

  • sortable_js() is a low-level function that adds the SortableJS to your widgets.

Important functions

The important functions in this package are:

  • rank_list() creates a drag-and-drop, rank list

  • bucket_list() lets you add multiple rank_list objects in columns

Custom question types for learnr

You can also use new question types in your learnr tutorials:

  • question_rank()


Maintainer: Andrie de Vries


Other contributors:

  • RStudio [copyright holder, funder]

  • Lebedev Konstantin ('SortableJS', [copyright holder]

See Also

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