Man pages for rte-antares-rpackage/fbClust
A Tool Of Ptdf Manipulation In Order To Cluster And Visualize Domains

clusteringTypicalDaysGenerate a set of flow-based typical days on one time period
clusterPlotPlot a flow-based domain of a typical day
clusterTypicalDaysForOneClassGenerate a set of flow-based typical days on one time period
generateClusteringReportGenerate html report
getCalendarBuild a calendar
getPreprocPlanGenerate a data.table with the ptdf
getProbabilityClassify the typical days by searching for external factors...
getSequenceReturn a vector of consecutive dates
getVerticesGive the vertices from PTDF data
manipulateAllTypeDaysManipulate the output data.table of the clustering function
plotFlowbasedPlot flow-based domain(s)
plotMonotonePlot monotone
setDiffNotWantedPtdfCompute facets equations
writeAllTypeDaysWrite the output data of a clustering in csv file
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