Man pages for rvladimiro/dafR
Data Analysis Framework in R

CheckDataDirectoryChecks if the data directory exists in the working directory...
CheckProjectDirectoryChecks if the project directory exists in the working...
ClearClear the console because I always forget the proper escape...
ConvertToCamelCaseConvert a string from under_score syntax to camelCase
CreateProjectStructureCreate base directories and files.
GetBootstrappedCIConstructs Confidence Interval for difference in means
GetDBConfigGet database server configuration from a given a yaml...
GetProjectNameGet the internal name used by dafR to reference the project
GetQueryStatementGet a clean query statement from a SQL file or string
GetS3ConfigGet S3 server configuration from a given a yaml configuration...
GetYAMLConfigGet a configuration from a yaml configuration file
InsertDataFrameToRedshiftCreates a Redshift table with the same contents as the given...
InsertRedshiftTableByQueryCreates a table with the results of a given SQL query
LoadAndSaveDataLoad and save R objects from and to the data directory
MySQLQueryQuery data from a MySQL server
parallelMeanBootGet Mean of vector by bootstrap
PerformCohortRetentionTestsCompares treatment to control on retention rate for given...
PerformDailyMonetisationTestsCompares treatment to control on ARPDAU, ARPPU and Conversion...
PerformPermutationTestPerforms a permutation test
PostgreSQLQueryQuery data from a PostgreSQL server
RedshiftQueryQuery data from a Redshift database
S3GetUnloadRead s3 files generated from Unload SQL command
SaveProjectEnvironmentSaves the project environment in the project directory
SaySay something in the console
SetProjectNameSets the internal name used by dafR to reference the project
ShoutShout something in the console
SourceDirectorySource all R files of a directory
WindmillUpdate something in the terminal.
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