Man pages for ryamada22/Ronlyryamada

my.border2D area's border
my.catmull.clark.tri3D triangle mesh smoothing
my.cell.simCell transformation simulation
my.circ.measure2D volume and circumference
my.Cochran.Armitage.trend.exact.2x3All possible 2x3 tables This function returns nx6 matrix;...
my_complex_colorSchwarz-Christoffel-like curve
my.dcirc.measureWeight border points for their local points
my.diffDifference evaluation of...
my.doubles.badScore Badminton Doubles Game
my.EulTriSphEuler Triangulation on Sphere on sphere with radius R
my.grid.adjacent2D grid graph adjacency matrix This function returns an...
my.HadamardWalkHadamard walk
my.halfedgequaternion matrix
my.haplotypese-flat and m-flat parameterizations for 0,1^d
my.labelingArbitrary dimensional voxel data labeling This function...
my.LegendreSpherical harmonics
my.make.E.vMaking E
my.peri.tri3D object surface triangles
my.plot.flat.circlePlot sphere in a circular disc
my.plot.hemispheresPlot two hemi-spheres
my.random.walk3D+time movement
my_schwarzChristoffelSchwarz-Christoffel-like curve
my.sphere.fieldGenerate Sphere field
my_sphere_tri_meshSphere Triangular Mesh
my.spin.transformationSpin transformation
my.Unitary2x22x2 Unitary Matrix with determinant +/- 1
my.whole.volFeaturing 3D+1T array data The functions are to quantitate...
rho.fromVtoTriUtilities for DEC conformal
ry_hweExactHardy-Weinberg Exact Test
ry_moebiusMobius transformation
ry_momentProbArbitrary moment
ry_momentXArbitrary moment
ry_powerSetHasseDraw a Hasse Diagram
ry_sample_fxA Sample Function
ry_sample_fx2A Sample Function2
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