Man pages for ryentes/rdy-dissertation-tools
Utilities used in the execution of my dissertation code

clearExperimentA convenience function for running hypotheses
confusionMatrixA confusion matrix object
crmetricImplements a crmetric class
crModelA careless responding model object
dataModelA data model object
dispatchClassifierEvalAn interface for testing classification methods
dispatchH1Dispatcher for Hypothesis 1
dispatchRQ1An interface for optimizing classification methods
evenoddClassifierImplements the evenodd classifier evaluation
genCenteredSimulates a centered careless respondent
genSkewSimulates a skewed careless respondent
getProportionFromModelA careless responding model object
getRandomGaussianChoose a random value from a Gaussian distribution
informednessImplements an informedness class
jLookupA function for finding y of x
loadpackagesA convenience function for loading packages
longstringClassifierImplements the longstring classifier evaluation
mahadClassifierImplements the mahad classifier evaluation
makeRownamesAssigns rownames, because rbind.fill doesn't support these.
maxLookupA function for finding y of x
modelSlopesExtracts slopes from item parameters
multiplotShamelessly copied and moded from stack overflow
optimizeMahaDImplements the evenodd decision rule optimizer
plotBehaviorA method for plotting crmetric objects
plot.crmetricA method for plotting crmetric objects
plot.informednessA method for plotting informedness objects
recursiveAssignRecursively assigns participants to condition
reverseTakes a vector or scalar and reverse codes it
reverseCodeReverse coding for an entire measure
rmfilesA convenience function for removing files in a directory
sdInquisitionImplements the evenodd decision rule optimizer
sdRocerImplements the evenodd decision rule optimizer
simCarelessAn interface for simulating careless respondents
simCenteredCarelessSimulates a centered careless respondent
simFactorScoresA factor score simulator
simLongstringCarelessSimulates a longstring careless respondent
simSkewedCarelessSimulates a skewed careless respondent
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