Man pages for sahirbhatnagar/shim
High Dimensional Interactions with an Environment Variable predictions from a "cv.shim" object
convertConvert alphas to gammas
convert2Convert gammas to alphas
createfoldsCreate CV Folds
cv_lspathCompute cross validation error
cv.shimCross-validation for shim
eclust-internalInternal eclust functions
lambda_sequenceCalculate Sequence of Tuning Parameters
lspathGaussian Response fitting function
lspathWarmStartsGaussian Response fitting function with warm starts
plotCoefShimPlot the coefficient plot produced by shim the cross-validation curve produced by cv.shim
plot.shimPlot Method for shim function
predict.shimMake predictions from a shim object
print.shimPrint Method for shim function
Q_thetaLikelihood function
ridge_weightsCalculate Adaptive Weights based on Ridge Regression
shimFit Strong Heredity Interaction Model
shim_onceFit Strong Heredity model with one iteration
softSoft Thresholding Function
standardizeStandardize Data
uni_funUnivariate regressions
update_weightsUpdate Weights based on betas and gammas.
xtildeCalculate working X's to update Gammas.
xtilde_modCalculate working X's to update Betas
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