convert2: Convert gammas to alphas

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function that takes a vector of betas (which are the main effects) and gammas and converts the alphas to gammas. This function is used to calculate the linear predictor of the likelihood function (the Q function in the fitting algorithm)


convert2(beta, gamma, main.effect.names, interaction.names, intercept = NULL)



character vector of main effects names. MUST be ordered in the same way as the column names of x. e.g. if the column names of x are \"x1\",\"x2\" then main.effect.names = c("x1","x2")


character vector of interaction names. MUST be separated by a colon (e.g. x1:x2), AND MUST be ordered in the same way as the column names of x


q x 1 data.frame or matrix of betas and gamma estimates. For example the output from the convert function. The rownames must be appropriately labelled because these labels will be used in other functions


a labelled q x 1 data.frame of betas and alphas

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