Man pages for samhforbes/PupillometryR
A Unified Pipeline for Pupillometry Data

baseline_dataBaseline pupil data to the average pupil size within a window
calculate_mean_pupil_sizeCalculate a mean size across two pupils over time
calculate_missing_dataCalculate the missing data amount
clean_missing_dataClean missing data above an acceptable threshold
create_difference_dataCreate a difference data frame when dealing with a condition...
create_functional_dataMakes a functional data with splines from a...
create_time_windowsMake PupillometryR dataframe into multiple time windows for...
create_window_dataMake PupillometryR dataframe into a single collapsed window...
downsample_time_dataDownsample frequency to reduce number of samples and data...
filter_dataRun a filter on the data to smooth it out.
geom_flat_violinggplot Flat Violin
interpolate_dataInterpolate across the gaps in data
make_pupillometryr_dataPrepare data for pre-processing in PupillometryR
mean2Helper function mean2
plot.Pupil_difference_dataPre-prepared plots of PupillometryR data
plot.PupillometryRPre-prepared plots of PupillometryR data
plot.Pupil_test_dataPre-prepared plots of PupillometryR data
plot.Pupil_window_dataPre-prepared plots of PupillometryR data
pupil_dataData collected in a pupillometry study by Sylvain Sirois
regress_dataRegress one pupil against another for extra smoothing
replace_missing_datareplaces missing observations if you have some degree of...
run_functional_t_testRun a functional t-test on a dataframe previously fitted with...
subset_dataSubset data to provide start and finish time windows
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