check_same_means: Check whether the parametrization is correct for usage of...

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check_same_means checks whether the parametrization is correct for usage of same means restrictions


check_same_means(parametrization, same_means)



"intercept" or "mean" determining whether the model is parametrized with intercept parameters φ_{m,0} or regime means μ_{m}, m=1,...,M.


Restrict the mean parameters of some regimes to be the same? Provide a list of numeric vectors such that each numeric vector contains the regimes that should share the common mean parameters. For instance, if M=3, the argument list(1, 2:3) restricts the mean parameters of the second and third regime to be the same but the first regime has freely estimated (unconditional) mean. Ignore or set to NULL if mean parameters should not be restricted to be the same among any regimes. This constraint is available only for mean parametrized models; that is, when parametrization="mean".


Throws an error if parametrization type is not "mean" and means are constrained

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