Man pages for sbg/sevenbridges-r
Seven Bridges Platform API Client and Common Workflow Language Tool Builder in R

addIdNumadd '#' prefix to id
apiCore HTTP logic for Seven Bridges API
App-classClass App
as-methodsConvert a object slots/fields to a list, json, or yaml file
Auth-classClass Auth
batchbatch function for task batch execution
CCBListcharacterORCommandLineBindingList Class
cli_list_projectsList projects using Seven Bridges command line uploader
cli_list_tagsList all the tags in project using Seven Bridges command line...
cli_uploadUpload files using Seven Bridges command line uploader
CommandInputParameter-classCommandInputParameter Class
CommandInputSchema-classCommandInputSchema Class
CommandLineBinding-classCommandLineBinding Class
CommandLineToolCommandLineTool Class
CommandOutputBinding-classCommandOutputBinding Class
CommandOutputParameter-classCommandOutputParameter Class
convert_appConvert App or a CWL JSON file to Tool or Flow object
cwl-utilsGet class from CWL JSON file
delete-methodsDelete files or folders
download-methodsDownload files
DSCListDSC list
EnumPre-defiend enums
Expression-classExpression Class
ExpressionTool-classExpressionTool Class
File-classFileList Class
Files-classClass Files
FlowBuild workflow
FS-classFS class
get_tokenOpens web browser to copy the auth token
get_uploaderDownload Seven Bridges command line uploader and extract to a...
Handler-classHandler instance
input_output_matrixGet input/output matrix out of JSON CWL file directly
Item-classClass Item
linklink two nodes to form a new Workflow
link_whatList possible linking methods
MetadataMeta schema
ParameterParamter class (reference class)
ProcessProcess Class
ProcessRequirementProcessRequirement Class
project_detailsReturns the details of the project
project_membersReturns a list of all users invited to the project and their...
requirementsRabix specifc Requirements
response-methodsGet raw response from an Item object
sbg_get_envSet authentication environment variables for Seven Bridges...
sbg_set_envSet authentication environment variables for Seven Bridges...
setListClassList Class generator.
set_test_envSet testing env
sevenbridges-packageSeven Bridges Platform API Client and CWL Tool Builder in R
shorthand-cwlShorthand functions for cwl packages constructors
status_checkCheck request status
tag-methodsSet file tags
TaskHookset task function hook
test_tool_bunnyTest tools in rabix/bunny
test_tool_cwlrunTest tools with cwl-runner
test_tool_rabixTest tools in rabix/rabix-devel (DEPRECATED)
Tool-classClass Tool
upload_complete_allReports the complete file upload
upload_complete_partReports the completion of the part upload
upload_deleteAbort the upload
upload_infoReturns upload information for the ongoing upload
upload_info_partReturns AWS S3 signed URL for a part of the file upload
upload_initInitializes the upload of the specified file
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