Man pages for sbihorel/scaRabee
Optimization Toolkit for Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Models

bound.parametersForces parameter estimates between defined boundaries.
compute.secondaryComputes secondary parameter values
convert.infusionProcess Infusion Information
dde.modelDelay Differential Equations
dde.utilsUtility Functions for Delay Differential Equation Systems
estimation.plotCreate Summary Estimation Plots
examples.dataDatasets for scaRabee demo.
explicit.modelExplicit Equations
finalize.grid.reportFinalize Direct Grid Search Report
finalize.reportFinalize Estimation Report
fitmleMaximum Likelihood Estimator
fitmle.covComputation of the Covariance Matrix
get.cov.matrixComputation of the Covariance Matrix
get.eventsCreate events from bolus dosing records.
get.layoutLayout for Lattice Functions
get.parms.dataExtract data from scaRabee parameter table
get.secondaryComputation of Secondary Parameter Estimates
initialize.reportInitialize Report Files
ode.modelOrdinary Differential Equations
ode.utilsUtility Functions for Ordinary Differential Equation Systems
order.parms.listSort a scaRabee parameter table
pderCompute Matrix of Partial Derivatives
problem.evalEvaluation of structural and residual variability models
residual.reportCreation of Prediction & Residual Report
scarabee.analysisRun a scaRabee Analysis
scarabee.check.modelCheck scaRabee Models
scarabee.check.reservedCheck for Reserved Variable Names
scarabee.cleanCleaning of the Run Directory
scarabee.directoryCreation of the Run Directory
scarabee.gridsearchDirect Grid Search Utility
scarabee.newCreate a scaRabee Analysis Folder
scaRabee-packagescaRabee toolkit scaRabee Data File scaRabee Model File scaRabee Parameter File
simulation.plotCreate Simulation Plots
weightingResidual Variability
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