Man pages for sckott/sxslt
R extension for libxslt

addXSLTFunctionsQueue R functions to registered as XSL functions.
closureGeneratorProgrammatically create functions with a shared environment
getTemplateFind the template to process a node
getXSLParamsExtract the top-level XSL parameters and default values in an...
getXSLVariablesGet the value of one or more top-level/global XSL parameters
libxsltVersionQuery the version of the libxslt library in use.
processXSLXIncludeReplace the XInclude with the contents to which it refers
readXSLRead an XSL document as an XML document, substituting import...
registerXSLFunctionDefine an XSL extension function
registerXSLTExtensionRegister a new XSLT extension namespace
saveXMLSerializes XSLT-processed document to a file or string
SxsltInitializationFunctionSet an R function to be called each time the R extension...
SxsltprocR function mimicing shell command xsltproc
toc.XSLGet a table of contents of templates in an XSL document (and...
XMLAttributesAccess attributes of XML Node
XMLChildrenGet sub-nodes of an XML node
XMLXPathParserContext-classClass representing the internal data structure for an XSL...
XPathNodeSetMethods for an XPathNodeSet reference
xslErrorR-level functions for signalling errors, warnings and...
xslGlobalParameterNamesGet the names of the top-level/global XSL parameters
xslImportStyleSheetsImport style sheets into an existing XSL style sheet
XSLParseEvalEvaluate an S expression from an XSL string
XSLStyleSheet-classClass "XSLStyleSheet" reference to a parsed, internal XSL...
xsltApplyStyleSheetProcess XML document with XSLT stylesheet
xsltCallTemplateAllow R to invoke an XSL template
XSLTemplateDescription-classDescription of an XSL template
xsltGetCurrentTemplateQuery the active node or template
xsltGetStyleSheetObtain a reference to the XML internal document object for...
xsltGetXMLSourceNodeGet the active nodes in the XSL process
xsltInsertTools for adding nodes to the the target/output document in...
xsltParseStyleSheetRead XSLT stylesheet into memory
xsltProcessNodeProcess a single XML node within the context of an XSL...
XSLTTransformContext-classClass "XSLTTransformContext"
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