processXSLXInclude: Replace the XInclude with the contents to which it refers

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This function performs the substitution of the XInclude node. It is very similar to processXInclude but is for use with XSL processing where the node may not have a document and so would not work with processXInclude. Further, here we are interested in retrieving the nodes that were created as part of the XInclude operation so that we might use them in another context. This differs from the common use of processXInclude which is to do the substitution in place, i.e. replace the XInclude node with the contents to which it refers.





an XPathNodeSet, typically passed from an XSL template rule that calls this R function


A reference to a C-level/internal XPathNodeSet object which contains the nodes that were the result of performing the XInclude substitution.


libxslt XInclude

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