Man pages for sctyner/geomnet
Network Visualization in the 'ggplot2' Framework

as.adjmatCast matrix to an adjacency matrix
as.edgedfCast a data frame to an edgedf
bikesBike sharing network (directed)
bloodNetwork of blood types (directed)
emailEmail network (directed)
footballCollege football games network (undirected)
fortify.adjmatFunction for converting a network adjacency matrix into the...
fortify.edgedfFunction for converting a network edge list in data frame...
fortify.igraphFunction for converting an igraph object into the correct...
fortify.networkFunction for converting a network object into the correct...
geom_circleGeom for drawing circles in the ggplot2 framework
jttNumber of JTTs in a graph
lesmisCoappearance network of characters in Les Miserables...
madmenNetwork of romantic relationships in the TV show Mad Men...
metro_mapMap of Washington DC Metro area
mm.directedA directed network of Mad Men relationships
proteinA protein interaction network (undirected)
soccerHigh school boys' soccer games in Iowa (undirected)
theme_elements'ggplot2' theme attribute inheritance network (directed)
theme_netTheme for network visualization
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