Man pages for sdbecker/shakerr
Analyse Earthquake Data

eq_china_cleandataClean Data for China Only
eq_clean_dataClean and format earthqake data
eq_clean_testdataClean Data from Given Data Set
eq_create_labelCreate an HTML Label
eq_location_cleanFormat the LOCATION_NAME field of the data
eq_mapPlot Epicentre of Earthquakes on a Map
eq_test_dataInformation on 100 Earthquakes
geom_timelineGeom to plot earthquake data
GeomTimelineGeom class to support plotting geom_timeline
geom_timelinelabelGeom to annotate earthquake graph
GeomTimelinelabelGeom class to support plotting geom_timeline
quaketimelinelabel_plotFunction to plot the time line of earthquakes
quaketimeline_plotFunction to plot the time line of earthquakes
stat_timelineStat function to support Stat class
StatTimelineStat class to support the GeomTimeline class
stat_timelinelabelStat function to support StatTimelinelabel class
StatTimelinelabelStat class to support the GeomTimelinelabel class
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