Man pages for seabbs/DirectEffBCGPolicyChange
Estimating the direct effect of the 2005 UK BCG vaccination policy change.

add_looic_com_to_no_policy_changeAdd LOOIC Comparision for a Model Without the Effect of the...
Base_ModelGeneric BRM model with fitting defaults set
best_fit_results_tableFunction to generate results table
best_model_fitReturn Model Fit for Plotting
capture_stan_DLLsFunction to print the number of stan models loaded as DLLs...
case_rateFunction to estimate the case rate for a given variable
clear_user_DLLClear Stan DLLs
epi_confEstimate Incidence Rates per 100,000
extract_inc_efExtract incidence estimates
fit_stan_modelsFit and summarise models
format_est_sdFormat estimate and standard deviation
format_model_summariesSummarise models
justify_char_numericFunction to build justification framework for pander
model_comparisonMake Model Comparison, Filters by Scheme, Country of Birth,...
ModelConstructSpecify the Model Formula using Population as an Offset and...
OR_inf_repInf Replacement for Large Odds Ratios
pass-pipePass through pipe operator
pipePipe operator
pretty_round_infPretty format after checking a result is smaller than a limit
sim_cohort_vac_camIdentify those that are eligible for a vaccination program...
store_warningsDetect Warnings and Store as a List
summarise_model_fitSummarise model fit results
UnloadUserDLLsUnload Named DLLs
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