Man pages for seananderson/metafolio
Metapopulation simulations for conserving salmon through portfolio optimization

add_dens_polygonAdd a kernel density polygon
annotateAdd annotations to panel
count_quasi_extsTake 'meta_sim' output objects and count quasi extinctions
create_asset_weightsCreate an asset weights matrix
custom_bwCustom bandwidth
CVaRConditional Value at Risk
est_beta_paramsGet beta parameters from mean and variance
fastlmSuper fast linear regression
fit_rickerFit Ricker linear regression
generate_env_tsCreate an environmental time series.
generate_straying_matrixGenerate a matrix of straying proportions within a...
get_conserv_plans_mvRun simulation for conservation schemes
get_efficient_frontierGet the efficient frontier from mean and variance values
get_port_valsGet portfolio mean and variance values
get_quantile_contourGet quantile contour
gg_color_hueggplot2-like colour scale in HCL space
impl_errorAdd implementation error
is_elementCheck if x is an element of y.
is_quasi_extReturn whether there was an instance of quasi extinction
metafoliometafolio: An R package to simulate metapopulations for...
meta_simRun a single metapopulation simulation.
metasim_baseBase-level metapopulation simulation function
monte_carlo_portfoliosMonte Carlo asset weights into portfolios
my.axisAdd a pretty axis
optim_thermalOptimize to find optimal max productivity Ricker a
plot_cons_plansPlot conservation plans in mean-variance space
plot_correlation_between_returnsPlot correlation of returns (i.e. metapopulation abundance)...
plot_efficient_portfoliosBasic plot of efficient portfolio and asset contributions
plot_panel_linesStandard matrix plot of values by stream for one panel:
plot_rickersPlot sample Ricker curves for each stock
plot_sim_tsPlot various time series from a simulation run
plot_sp_A_tsPlot sample time series from a portfolio simulation
rickerA simple Ricker model
ricker_escapementAssign a salmon escapement target based on a Ricker curve
ricker_v_tRicker stock-recruit function with specified error
run_cons_plansRun conservation plans and return the portfolio mean and...
thermal_areaReturn desired squared deviation between desired area and...
thermal_curve_aCreate thermal tolerance curves.
thermal_integrationIntegrate thermal tolerance curves to get maximum Ricker a...
VaRValue at Risk
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