R package to simplify visualising Australian data

Here is an example which plots all suburbs falling the in Inner Sydney (10505) Statistical Division. Note that postcode boundaries do not always align with Bureau of Statistics boundaries, as is evident here: the black line shows the border of the 10505 Statistcal Division.

poa <- get_mapaus("POA", accuracy="full")
ssd <- get_mapaus("SSD", accuracy="full")
plot(poa[poa$SSD_CODE11=="10505", ], col="grey", border="white")
with(poa@data[poa$SSD_CODE11=="10505", ], text(long, lat, labels=POA_CODE, cex=0.6))
plot(ssd[ssd$SSD_CODE11=="10505", ], add=TRUE)

Postcode Chart

I am keen for feedback on the package, so feel free to:

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