Man pages for seancarmody/rmapaus
Australian map data and tools

find_regionFind region for a location
geocodeGeocode using the Google Maps
get_mapausLoad Australian maps
mapBoxCreate a box spatial object
mapCropCrop a spatial object to within a specified rectangular...
mapfillDraw map and fill regions
mapIntersectIntersection of two maps
mapspotDraw map and add bubbles
POA.fullAustralian postcode map data
rmapausrmapaus: mapping Australia
scale_colour_heatAdd guide colours
scale_colour_sizeAdd guide size
scale_fill_heatAdd guide colours
SD.fullStatistical division map data
SD.smoothedStatistical division map data (smoothed)
SLA.fullStatistical local area map data
SSD.fullStatistical sub-division map data
SSD.smoothedStatistical sub-division map data (smoothed)
STE.caricatureState and Territory mapdata (caricature)
STE.fullState and Territory map data
STE.smoothedState and Territory mapdata (smoothed)
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