Man pages for seandavi/Rpressa
A collection of useful code for bioinformatics

AgilentSet-classClass "AgilentSet"
combine-methodsMethods for Function combine in Package 'Biobase'
dlrsCalculate the Derivative Log Root Square (DLRS)
feparamsAccess the Feature Extraction parameters from Agilent text...
feparams-methodsGet fe params for an Agilent data object
festatsAccessor for festats slot
festats-methodsAccessor for festats slot
getQueryCountsReturn query counts for batch PubMed queries
idat2lumibatchRead idat files into a lumiBatch object
illuminaPvalCalculationEncapsulates a vectorized p-value calculation for Illumina...
oligonucleotideFrequencyByChromosomeFind oligonucleotide frequencies for multiple chromosomes
pubmedQueryReturn results of a PubMed query
readAgilentRead Agilent .txt files
read.snpChipRead in split Illumina snp chip files
Rpressa-packageA collection of code for bioinformatics
splitAgilentChromLocsSplit Chromosome Locations from Agilent CGH arrays
targetedSample AlignedRead data set for targeted sequencing...
threeMedianSmoothMoving three-point median smoothing
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