Man pages for seanmcm/RDendrom
Plots and fits logistic function to dendrometer band time series.

find.outliersAutomatically identify outliers in dendrometer band time...
fit.quantile.hullFit Quantile Hull to subset of time series data
gap2dbhGets dbh from gap width given org.dbh.
get.alt.aGets the starting diameter from the year before
get.extra.metricsExtract extra growth metrics.
get.optimized.dendroFit the LG5 function
get.paramsEstimates the maximum likelihood parameters for the...
get.QH.residGet quantile hull 'residuals'
gettruedbhCorrects for the chord
id.outliersIdentify outliers in dendrometer band time series
INPUT.dataSample Dendrometer band dataset
lg5.derivDerivative of LG5 function
lg5.predPredicts the dbh from doy and a parameter set
lg5.pred.aReturns starting and stopping diameter values for a year for...
make.dendro.plot.treePlotting dendrometer Band Time Series for a single tree over...
make.dendro.plot.tsPlotting Dendrometer Band Time Series
max.growth.dayFind day of the year of maximum growth
max.growth.rateFind rate of maximum growth
pred.doyPredicts the day of the year given a diameter and parameter...
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