Man pages for sebkopf/isocyclr
Model isotope fractionation in biogeochemical cycles and pathways

add_componentCreate a reaction for a pathway
add_component_add isotopes to a component
add_custom_reactionAdd a custom reaction
add_isotopeAdd an isotope
add_reaction_add reaction with standard evaluation
add_standard_reactionAdd a standard single fractionation reaction
check_modelcheck if system is ready for model run
default_abscissacalculate default abscissa depending on exising reactions,...
default_rxn_nameget default reaction name
dir_fluxCalculate forward/reverse flux
expand_data_frameexpand data frame utility function to expand data frames with...
expand_parametersexpand existing parameter set
fractionateFractionate a delta value
generate_reaction_diagramplot reaction diagram
get_component_matrixget the component matrix for an isopath
get_ode_expressioncompile the ODE expression for the isopath
get_ode_functionget ode derivative
get_ode_matrixget the ODE
get_reaction_component_matrixget the combined reaction_component_matrix
get_reaction_isotope_matrixget the combined reaction_isotope_matrix
get_reaction_matrixget the reaction matrix for an isopath
isocyclrModel isotope fractionation in biogeochemical cycles and...
isopathCreate a pathway for isotope fractionation
merge_isopathsMerge multiple isopaths
mutate_parametersmutate parameters
parse_reaction_componentparse reaction component pulls out the stoichiometry and...
parse_reaction_equationparse reaction equation into its components
run_modelRun the reaction model
run_steady_stateRun model to steady state
set_parametersadd parameter data frame to the isopath
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