Man pages for sebschub/dcepucp
Generate an urban canopy parameters file for DCEP

berlin_fr_roofHeights distribution of buildings in Berlin
berlin_fr_uclassFraction of urban classes in Berlin
berlin_fr_udirFraction of street directions in Berlin
berlin_fr_urbUrban fraction in Berlin
berlin_gridUsed grid for the parameters of Berlin
berlin_w_buildBuilding width in Berlin
berlin_w_streetStreet width in Berlin
latitudeGeographical latitude
longitudeGeographical longitude
nc_def_varDefine NetCDF variable with standard attributes
print.ugridPrint urban grid information
print.uparPrint urban parameters information
rotated_latitudeRotated latitude
rotated_longitudeRotated longitude
ugridDefine an urban grid
uparDefine a set of urban parameters
upar2ncSave urban parameters into NetCDF
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