Man pages for seshadrilab/COMPASSHelpers
Collection of scripts for running COMPASS

addBooleanGateAdds boolean gate to the GatingSet or GatingSetList
boxplot.boolean.subset.proportionsBoxplot of the difference in cell proportions for a given...
boxplot.cell.countsPlot cell counts for each sample (default CD3+ cells)
compass.subset.comparisonsCOMPASS Subset Comparisons
cytokine.specific.subset.comparisonCytokine-specific Subset Comparison
fs.line.plotLine plot of Functionality Score vs. some other axis
fs.plotPlot of Functionality Score vs some other axis
generic.compass.wrapperCOMPASS Wrapper
getCatsAndSubsetNamesFormat COMPASS Categories
highlight.boolean.subset.flow.plotOverlay and Highlight Polyfunctional Cell Subsets on a Flow...
orderHeatmapColumnsByCytokinePresenceOrder COMPASSresult categories columns for cytokine of...
prepare.gating.set.list.4.compassPrepare flow data for COMPASS
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