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User Interface for Complex Datasets

fxdEffex Dispatch
fx_defaultEffex functions: Defaults for the metaframe
fx_default_fxGeom_classEffex Functions: Default of the column 'fxGeom_class'
fx_default_fxGeom_limitsEffex Functions: Default of 'fxGeom_limits'
fx_default_fxGeom_palEffex Functions: Default of 'fxGeom_pal'
fx_default_fxGeom_transEffex Functions: Default of 'fxGeom_trans'
fx_default_fxInfo_nameEffex Functions: Default for the column 'fxInfo_name'
fxe_labellerEffex Extendibles in 'fx_ggplot': facetting labellers
fxe_layer_complete_nominateEffex Extendibles in 'fx_ggplot': nominate layers
fxe_layer_complete_voteEffex Extendibles in 'fx_ggplot': Vote for the nominations
fxe_layer_otherEffex Externals: Other single layer arguments
fxe_layer_scaleEffex External: Scale layers
fxe_layer_singleEffex Extendibles in 'fx-ggplot': geometric information along...
fx_evaluateEvaluating factors
fx_factorfx_factor: A simple, downsized alternative for arbitrary...
fxGeom-classEffex Objects: fxGeom
fx_ggplotEffex Function: Visualization
fxi_layer_completeEffex Internals in 'fx_ggplot': combine all different...
fx_infoEffex Function: Information
fx_info_titleBuild up a variable title
fx_outputEffex Function: Render Output
fx_readEffex functions: Read Data
fx_writeEffex functions: Write data
get_alphaTransparency for large scatter plots
get_indsGet names from a mapping
json_file_dataGenerate the columns .folder_path and .file_path
metaframeMetaframe of data
nom_accessAccess functions to a nomination
null_helperNULL helper
required_aesRequired aesthetics of a layer
save_filenamesChange filenames so that they are suitable for file naming
stat_namesNames of statistics
tectrUser Interface For Complex Datasets
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