Man pages for sgsokol/rex2arma
Convertion of R Code to RcppArmadillo Code

c2rtranslate C name nm_c to its original R counterpart (if found...
format1format an R object in one string
get_assignGet assignment operators
get_declGet a string with variable declaration in RcppArmadillo code
get_vartypeGet a string for variable declaration in RcppArmadillo code.
rex2armaTranslate a (simple) R code to RcppArmadillo code.
rex2arma-packageWhat the package does (short line) ~~ package title ~~
rhs_eqrecursivelly get right hand side of assignement "<-" or "="...
rtype2rcpparmaConverts R typeof() to Rcpp and Armadillo types
st2armaTranslate an elementary R statement to RcppArmadillo
svmDetermine if an R object is a scalar, vector or matrix
symdimGet symbolic dimension of a statement (as an R code)
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